Petition to Reduce Speed Limit

Lingfield Common Road

After 18 months of communication with Surrey County Council (SCC), Surrey Police, local representatives and a speed survey in December 2017 no action has been agreed to reduce the speed limit on Lingfield Common Road, despite further accidents in this period.

Residents have agreed that we need a joined-up approach. We have therefore worked together to create an on-line petition which sets out our request to Surrey County Council as follows:

We the undersigned petition SCC to lower the speed limit on Lingfield Common Road.

1. Reduction in current speed limits of 50mph and 40mph to 30mph throughout from the junction at Ray Lane to the junction with Crowhurst Road and Station Road.

2. Painting of double white lines throughout to prevent overtaking.

3. Police presence with speed cameras on a regular basis covering different times of the day and night to deter and fine speeding drivers.

Resident concerns are:

1. Excess speeds, especially during rush hours and late at night, creating dangerous conditions and high volumes of noise.

2. Excess heavy goods vehicles, also travelling at speed creating high volumes of noise and causing houses on Lingfield Common Road to shudder.

3. Poor sight lines, creating difficult and dangerous conditions due to speed of traffic when pulling in and out of resident drive ways, and turning in and out of resident roads.

4. Dangerous conditions when walking on pavement due to narrowness of pavement and speed of traffic.

We need a minimum of 30 signatures for the petition to be considered at the next Local Committee which is Friday 21st September 2018 at 1.30pm. Petitions need to be submitted 14 days prior, therefore, to be heard at the September meeting a petition would need to be submitted by 7th September 2018. This petition will therefore close on 6th September 2018.

Please can we have your support in making Lingfield Common Road a safer road for all residents. Please sign the petition NOW.

Please visit http://petitions.surreycc.gov.uk/SpeedLCR/ and sign the petition to reduce the speed limit as detailed above.

Note: SCC will only accept one email address per person and you must complete your name, address and email address in order for your submission to be counted. If you have multiple use of an email address at your residence you will need to create additional email addresses for them to be counted or request that your name is added as an off-line signature.









The Report to the Annual Parish Assembly can be viewed here






The parish council has arranged for the printing of a series of 8 walk leaflets which were produced by Sandra Silvester.

Copies of the walk leaflets are available from the community centre.







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