Lingfield Parish Council is a small local authority with seven councillors elected for four years. The next elections will be held in 2019 but by-elections may be held to fill vacancies occuring between elections. Each year the Council raises a 'precept' on council tax payers to cover the cost of running expenses which in 2018 amounts to £55,000.  We also receive a small income from allotment rent but most of this is reinvested into the sites.  The Clerk (and Responsible Finance Officer) is employed by the Parish Council to attend meetings and implement decisions taken by the Council. The Parish Office is open to the public four mornings a week.   Parish Council members are volunteers but we have adopted a system of members’ allowances to enable us to compensate councillors for their expenditure on telephone calls and computer consumables.  The level of allowance at the moment is £25 per member for telephone calls and £25 per member for computer consumables.  There is a higher allowance for the Chairman and Chairman of the Planning Committee, up to a maximum of £150 per year. 


The Parish Council meets on the last Tuesday of the month (excluding August and December).  The Planning Committee has delegated powers and meets roughly every two weeks.  This is necessary because of the 21 day consultation period on planning applications.

What we do

In Lingfield the Council:

●    owns Lingfield and Dormansland Community Centre and the Jennings Hall, leasing them to a management committee

·         owns part of the Nature Reserves, leasing it to a management committee

·         manages the allotment gardens at Centenary Fields and The Pollards

·         looks after the village pond

●     provides extra maintenance around the village including the planters, grass cutting and some

       graffiti removal

●     liaises with Surrey County Council regarding traffic problems.   

·         takes responsibility for the war memorial and village cage. 

·         provides benches, flag pole, history board and notice boards around the village

·         gives regular financial help to:-  the Church to provide churchyard maintenance; Lingfield Wildlife Area for maintenance of Nature Reserves; Chamber of Commerce to provide Christmas lights in the village; Meals on Wheels and Community News

·         provides small grants to local organisations such as Scouts, Guides, Youth Football Team, Youth Cricket Team 

·         co-ordinates volunteers who carry out Speedwatch duties 

·         comments on all planning applications in the parish – Tandridge District Council then makes

       the final decision, taking into account our views

·           supports the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group

  •  supports the Lingfest Organising Committee 

Lingfield residents are served by Surrey County Council, Tandridge District Council and Lingfield Parish Council and the Parish Office provides an information point for residents who may be unsure which organisation they need to contact.

Past achievements of the Parish Council in Lingfield

  • Setting up Lingfield Wildlife Area and achieving ‘Nature Reserve’ status
  • Purchasing the former Adult Education Centre and helping to transform it into a Community Centre
  • Obtaining land from Surrey County Council to provide allotments
  • Initiating a Parish Plan which involved questionnaires being sent to every household in the village
  • Developing a Village Design Statement which has been adopted by Tandridge District Council and helps to protect the character of the village
  • Arranging a petition for time-limited parking in the High Street
  • Provide additional allotments in Newchapel Road (in conjunction with Dormansland PC)
  • Setting up a committee to organise an annual party in the park (Lingfest)
  • Funded a series of 8 walk leaflets
  • Installed a History Board and funded associated tourist leaflets

Challenges facing the Parish Council

  • Trying to halt further housing development until the infrastructure is improved.  Our local schools are full, the doctors’ surgery needs extending, and our roads are busy
  • Working with interested parties to ensure a satisfactory outcome to the rail crossing issue
  • Footpaths - to help with maintenance to ensure access to the countryside for all
  • Recruitment of Speedwatch volunteers
  • Working with principal authorities to protect services and facilities
  • Provide information for visitors to get the best from their visit to Lingfield
  • Helping to maintain current service levels